Dave Hunt is scheduled to be at Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes in Farmington, NY right now, through Sunday (585-398-3550). If you are in the area and can get out to hear him speak, and to ask him to tell us all how to access his original Hebrew text of Acts 1-15, and to reveal the names of the scholars who provided him with their translation of this Hebrew text that is so different from every single English translation done by a group of Christian scholars, please do so and let us know what you find out! There doesn’t seem to be anything forthcoming from TBC on the issue, outside of referring us to old lists of irrelevant sources from cultic Yahwist groups, so let’s not let the issue slide. We all know what really happened: someone who pushes the “Hebrew original” theory told Dave one day that Acts 1-15 must have been written in Hebrew, and if you would translate the Greek into Hebrew, it might have read like this, and that would be different in meaning, etc. The gratuitous references to the Dead Sea Scrolls and early church writers came later as window dressing. Someone in Dave’s circle of influence needs to sit him down and make him come clean. Can you imagine if Benny Hinn had pulled this stunt on TBN about something other than Calvinism? Hunt would be up in arms, mentioning it in every single talk he gives for months on end. Time to come clean, Dave. And when you pull this stuff from What Love is This? Third Attempt, please, add a footnote apologizing for undercutting the saints’ confidence in the Word of God. That’s the least you could do.

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