TGE blew a fuse and came unglued because I dared to contextualize my comments in providing a calm, reasoned response to a point raised by Alastair (below). Compare what I said with this kind of vitriolic ad-hominem:


I think, rather, that you’re just one more arrogant little Modern pretending to be better than everything and everyone who’s come before you, and that your attitude toward those who disagree with you is one of the most un-Christlike things I’ve ever seen or heard on this Internet.


Hey, love ya Tim! I’ll keep praying you’ll regain your balance someday. I’ll keep replying to Alastair as time allows (though I’m leaving next week), but you know what…all I have to do is let you vent your spleen like that, and it makes my points for me. 🙂

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