OK, I made a mistake. I was completely unaware Mr. Spencer is a ticking emotional time-bomb, waiting for any slight motion to set him off. I would have avoided him like the plague if someone had just said, “Yeah, he’s taken shots at you by name on important topics, but please, realize, if you respond, even if you do so in truth, fairly, and accurately, responding directly to his own words, he will slander you, attack your character, and spread untruths about you till the cows come home.” But no one did, so I tried to respond in such a fashion as to focus upon the real issues, as I have done all along. And what do I now find? Read it for yourself:

Why close IM?
IM is going to be closed till this storm passes. I know what I’m doing. Trust me folks.
I will not have the IM comment threads turned into a James White debate. I know how he does this. It can destroy my audience. People don’t want to read the comment threads that will result from this.
I don’t want White into my archives right now. I’ll open again shortly when he’s moved on to something else and when I have prepared my boss and co-workers for the fact that White’s supporters may start harassing the school.
I know what my next post is going to be and where I am going. It’s my ship and I am still captain. I just engaged the cloaking device 🙂

“I know how he does this.” Does what? And to insinuate that I have the slightest interest in his school is one of the most absurd things I’ve seen in a very long time. OK, lesson learned. Don’t invest another 2 hours of your life seeking to respond to digital monastics. They aren’t there to listen, just to talk.

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