Sometime last week I noted the odd, rather disconnected criticism offered by Peter Leithart of my book, The God Who Justifies. At the same time I noted that the criticism comes out of the blue; it makes no attempt to establish a context, etc. As such, I simply said, “We will see what develops.” I had started to write a response, but wanted to wait to see if anything else developed (I do try, once in a while, to resist the “rush, rush, rush” mind-set that is prompted by our ever faster computers and ever faster phones and ever faster lifestyle: it took me a long time to write the book: I can wait a while to respond to a singularly bland and less than compelling criticism of the work). Well, I guess I didn’t bow properly toward Moscow, Idaho or something. Anymore, you don’t really have to do anything to set TGE off (which is more than a little troubling). In the midst of a truly rambling and overly long post, I encountered this:

    Yet in the course of only a few weeks a number of attacks on those Outside the Camp Clique have been made. I pass over in silence the blunt insults by an intellectually-fringe apologetics warrior to a well-educated, well-respected Reformed man (Peter Leithart) who offered a serious, quite biblical criticism of the warrior’s Great Book on the Center of All True Religion, i.e., Correct Intellectual Comprehension of Justification By Faith Alone.

I guess if you say, “Does anyone really know what Leithart is saying” you are offering a “blunt insult” and you are, of course, “intellectually-fringe” (and do I detect some accusation of hyper-Calvinism as well?) I don’t know, but I really don’t get the feeling anything I would say in response to anything Leithart would say would get an overly fair review at Societas Christiana. 🙂 Hey TGE, maybe you should keep the promises you have made repeatedly and remove yourself from a realm that obviously causes you no end of discomfort? It’s the Christmas season! Go sing the Messiah! Throw a snowball for me (no snowballs in Phoenix)! Make a snowman and name him something in Latin. Ask Doug Wilson how you can be so Calvinistic your molars hurt. Something! Just try to drop your blood pressure a bit, will ya?

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