Just a quick note before I head off to St. Louis. I was just referred to this on Paul McCain’s blog. I’m sorry, but is the only apologetic offered by these kinds of anti-Calvinistic Lutherans “You need to say Jesus in every other sentence…preferably at the beginning of the sentence”? Rev. McCain (as he asks to be identified) is afraid to take his eyes off Jesus…so, by means of this highly spiritual sounding mantra, he 1) seems to be insisting he has the right to engage in simple dishonesty and trafficking in falsehoods without being held responsible for so doing (i.e., his misrepresentations and straw-man attacks on Reformed theology), and 2) he declines to engage the very words of Jesus Himself in John 6:35-45. How ironic to claim you just want to stay focused on Jesus, who is the truth, when you peddle falsehoods in His name; how much more ironic to say you don’t want to take your eyes off of Him, when you won’t listen to Him speak. Chalk up another man who is more than happy to castigate Calvinism, but lacks the conviction to do so in the context of fair debate. Monologues are, indeed, so much easier than dialogues.

P.S. I was just informed Rev. McCain is president of Concordia Publishing House, the publishing arm of the LCMS. I’m very disappointed. I would expect more of someone in Rev. McCain’s position. Much more.

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