Some of you will already be aware of this, but the latest edition of Unbelievable, features Scott Oliphint and Kurt Jaros. This is a discussion regarding apologetic methodology.

“Scott believes that the best apologetic method is to assume that Christianity is true and show why a non-Christian is suppressing that truth. Atheists presuppose the existence of God even to argue against Him. This approach is called presuppositional or covanental apologetics.

Kurt Jaros believes that method is flawed and argues for the primacy of Natural Theology (or evidential apologetics) in presenting the case for Christianity to non-believers.”

As of writing this, I have not had a chance to listen, so I can not share my thoughts. To listen click here.

Also, some of you might be interested in the upcoming National Conference on Apologetics. In particular, the following two sessions should be of interest:

Resolved: Astronomy proves that the universe is billions of years old
“One of the most discussed topics under the subject of God & Science is the age of the Earth. The related question of the age of the universe, however, is rarely dealt with directly. Drs. Jason Lisle and Hugh Ross will each have 25 minutes to present their case for either a young or an old age for the universe from contemporary astronomy. After both cases have been presented, Dr. Frank Turek will interact with both presenters. The final thirty-five minutes will include questions from the audience, so come prepared to learn, grow, and interact with this important subject.” IMHO, they should also have a YE moderating this with Mr. Turek.

Secondly, from a FB message of the conference page: “The second two-hour session will be a panel discussion along with Dr. Oliphint and SES’s own Dr. Richard Howe. The topic for this panel discussion is Young-Earth Presuppositionalism.”

I’m not sure why this discussion would revolved around “Young-Earth.” I was disappointed in a particular comment Dr. Oliphint made a few years ago at a WTS conference on science. One attendee questioned why no YE creationist was invited to speak. Dr Oliphint’s response was, that other views were acceptable. Of course that didn’t answer the question. My assumption (and I could certainly be wrong; I hope I am wrong) is that Dr. Oliphint is not a YE creationist.

I have some reservations about going to this conference, but I would love to attend these two particular sessions. I believe we need more scholarly discussion (audio) on apologetic methodology. Such as the one between Greg Bahnsen and R. C. Sproul.

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