Different site, same stuff. ReformedCatholicism.com is gone, now we have in its place, www.communiosanctorum.com (Latin is so much more classy than English could ever be, of course). OK, the good things: love the template. I want one like that. Nay, I demand it! OK, so I don’t have much control over that. But I do like it, though, if you don’t have your cursor on the paragraph you are reading, it is hard to read. But, very classy. 9.5 on the look.

Sadly, you can wrap rCism up in the prettiest of cloth and it won’t make the slightest difference. After reading through another post-Reformed discussion by Sandlin, I ran across this:

What we don’t see magisterial Reformers like Calvin doing, were he alive today, is continuing to divide, continuing to wrangle over meaningless abstractions, and continuing to perfect our doctrine while ignoring how we live out that very doctrine.

Same old horse that died on the backstretch ten races ago, but they are carting its bleached bones about again. I am so sick of this “Hey, if you don’t look like us and talk like us that means you are ignoring how to live out that very doctrine in your lives” canard. And if these folks aren’t seeking to divide, why start off with a slap in the face of the “Reformed” to begin with? Nope, seems like nothing has changed other than the URL and the horrific purple colors of the old site. Same ol’ same ol’ amongst those who seek to have their cake and eat it too.

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