Chris Arnzen, mastermind coordinator behind the Great Debate series, hosts a daily radio show, Iron Sharpens Iron. Dr. White has been on this show frequently, most recently in dialog with Catholic apologist Gerry Matatics, and also giving 10 questions for potential Roman Catholic converts.
   For those of you committed to the doctrines of grace, a few recent shows deserve a listening. These shows are all available as free MP3’s:
   Steven J. Lawson, the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, addressed the The Expository Genius of John Calvin.
   Steve Camp addressed, THE ORDO SALUTIS: the Biblical Sequence of Stages Involved in Salvation (& How Their Order Effects Evangelism). Many within modern evangelicalism believe that faith precedes regeneration. Steve Camp proves those who teach this have unwittingly reversed God’s ordained order for the salvation of lost men.
   Tom Ascol addressed Hyper-Calvinism vs. Historic Calvinisim . Many if not most Evangelicals who are NOT Calvinists, erroneously apply the disparaging term “Hyper-Calvinist” to those who believe in the doctrines of sovereign grace. Pastor Ascol proves this improper use of a derogatory label is reckless behavior, and reveals that those who do so are uninformed or misinformed.

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