I am very thankful to report that the debate in Sedalia provided a wonderful time of biblical discussion and presentation. In fact, you can read a surprisingly fair account of the debate here in a local newspaper.
   Those who have listened to my response to Dr. Davis’ sermon could have predicted the direction it would go, and it did. There were no surprises as far as I was concerned. Dr. Wright, who I understand is running for the US Senate, was well spoken, as you would expect a former Assistant Attorney General for the state of Illinois.
   For the first time I used a tablet PC in this debate. I had my opening presentation notes on it; then it has a tremendous program (Microsoft Journal) that allows me to write my notes using the tablet’s pen. I can write just as fast as with pen and paper, but I can mark, outline, flag, and even move the text if I wish to. This worked perfectly. I could even tap over to BibleWorks, select text, including Greek, and insert it directly into my written notes, which then becomes the basis of my rebuttal comments and the Q&A section. But what I did not know till earlier today is that the program can then interpret my writing and convert it to e-text. And though I was writing very quickly, I am simply amazed at how well the program performed in interpreting my scribbling! So I asked some folks in channel if they would be interested in seeing the notes I wrote during the debate, and since they said they would, I thought I would provide them, both as an outline of the debate, as well as an insight into what I “heard” and was thinking as Dr. Wright was speaking. I will follow up with some thoughts on particular aspects of the debate a little later. So here are the notes I wrote while listening to my opponent’s presentation. If I bold the font here, I used color to outline it in my notes so I would make sure to get to it in my rebuttal or in questioning (i.e., I felt it was vital to get to that particular claim/statement):

Debate in Sedalia

Starts affirming perseverance

–>Simple Gospel of Christ
(we speak wisdom amongst those who are mature-did
the Holy Spirit err in giving us those texts & revelations?

God wanted a “voluntary “relationship

God is being “forced” to love everyone?

God chose freely to love everyone — no text given Ps. 5.5–redemptive love

In Calvinism God created sin” where do we say this? Ends & means Acts 4:27-28 Gen 50:20 Isaiah 10

Standard “God forced man to sin” argument

In Calvinism you have Sovereignty as His sole attribute.”

Confuses force & compulsion

Compel vs. draw (point lexical evidence & contrast to Lazarus & the stoney heart issue)

Q Ask him if God Knew Adam would sin when He created Adam.

God “caused you to perform sin”

John 3:16

Isa 53:6

Man does not rightly discriminate in his love.
He says I am bringing God down to our level. Point out fundamental

Good tidings of great joy for all people — those who had died before? All
people = Jews & Gentiles

Romans 5:18 So then as through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men.

>:Ara ou=n w`j diV e`no.j paraptw,matoj eivj pa,ntaj avnqrw,pouj eivj kata,krima( ou[twj kai. diV e`no.j dikaiw,matoj eivj pa,ntaj avnqrw,pouj eivj dikai,wsin zwh/j\

He completely blew Rom 5:18 out of the water, never touched on Adam/Christ. His interpretation would result in universalism.

“whosoever”— Rev 3:20 is about the church not the individual.

“Belief is an act of righteousness”
He claims I said this. Amazing!

Pen it is your gift: what good is offering a cure to dead people?

The term irresistible grace does not appear.

Who did the Father give him? Whosoever believeth.

Hebrews 2:9—“every man”

o[pwj ca,riti qeou/ u`pe.r panto.j geu,shtai qana,touÅ

“purchasing Salvation for everyone”
–> i.e., did not save ANYONE

2 Peter 3.9
I Tim 2:4

If you are not the elect you have no good news.

“I fully anticipate Dr. White will win the debate.”

R.C. Sproul quote

compatibilism “another term that does not appear in Scripture” like libertarianism?

you either choose to sin freely or he is not a slave of sin
—why is God punishing him?
Romans 9

What is the purpose of praying for the lost?

The nature of faith

God created sin—does he believe God knew Adam would sin?

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