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And what I believe about it is that it depends on what is intended. Normal language interpretation would seem to me to indicate that asking God to save someone, without any qualifications, is tantamount (whatever is intended) to asking God to do the impossible (from an Arminian perspective).

Unless words no longer have meaning (and sometimes Olson backs off of his strong statements when faced with their meaning, as he did in reference to his last book), I think the only logical meaning of that line is “it is impossible for God to save anyone in and of Himself.” Glad to have an Arminian openly admit that. I’ve been pointing that out for a long time.

If someone means THAT by “Lord, save my friend,” then fine. But I don’t think that’s what happened or could have happened. “Lord, save my friend” (without qualification) normally reflects monergism, not synergism. However, it doesn’t mean God won’t hear the theologically incorrect prayer and act on it. Yet, if it is prayed publicly, some people may misinterpret it and think monergism is intended and right (when the prayer is answered as described).

Yep, asking God to save your loved ones is only logical for monergists. Think about it, synergists. 🙂

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