There is little need to comment much on Ergun Caner’s Q&A on his website regarding the debate. Any person who has read the materials Tom Ascol and I have provided can only shake his or her head in amazement at the behavior of Dr. Caner. He insists upon ignoring the signed agreement and the documentation of its existence, and it is truly embarrassing to see him ignoring that 800 lb. gorilla sitting on the desk of the President of Liberty Seminary. The documentation has been provided by only one side (note the utter lack of citation of e-mails, signed or otherwise, dates, etc., by Ergun Caner), and the other side has to use the bully pulpit in hopes that the large portion of his followers will not Google this subject and find out the truth. If Dr. Caner actually believes what he is saying, he will add a new question to his Q&A: “Dr. Caner, given the documentation of a signed agreement between the two sides, could you please explain why you reneged on your agreement? And if you say Dr. White ended the debate, could you explain why it was Dr. O’Donnell who first wrote to all parties on 10/4, only twelve days before the debate, not Dr. White, throwing out your signed agreement? Does Dr. White control Dr. O’Donnell?”
   I would ask all Liberty students, faculty, and supporters to consider for a moment what the President of Liberty Seminary is now saying. While ignoring the signature of his brother, provided as his representative in the discussions, he is attacking my character and my trustworthiness for refusing to allow him to renege upon a signed agreement! He is then using this dishonest attack as his reason for refusing to debate in Orlando, or anywhere else, even though we have proven our ability to engage in these debates in a fair and reasoned manner with a wide, wide range of opponents over the course of 16 years, while he has yet to provide example one of his capacity to do so. Is this the behavior that should be exemplified by one of the largest Christian universities in the United States? A sad, sad day indeed.
Quick Update
   One of my ops in channel has posted a very insightful blog entry about Ergun Caner’s highly questionable scholarship. As is the tendency with us mad jihadist Calvinists, he provides lot of links to direct documentation. This blog entry focuses upon true historical revisionism regarding Balthasar Hubmaier who Caner claims was killed by the “Reformers.” Ferdinand was a Reformer? Really? I guess that explains why Caner can redefine “hyper-Calvinism” on his own authority, and teach his students that Spurgeon denied limited atonement, too? I guess I should not wonder at Ergun’s changing history that took place only a week ago now, when he’s been at it so long!
   Dr. Falwell, you have a problem, sir. You need to address it before the integrity of the institution you have worked so long to build is irreparably damaged.

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