Is it really that hard to say, “Wow, man, how did that get in there? That paragraph is just so wrong. Dave had not been feeling well that night, and, wow, we apologize, retract, and in general do penance for having pawned such tripe off on the Christian community as a whole.” But no, evidently, the powers that be at TBC feel any admission of error is death to everything they’ve ever done, so, the excuses just keep flowing.

As we have documented, when we challenged Hunt on what we have now officially identified as the “Prophetic Redacted Hebrew of Acts 15 Paragraph,” TBC sent out in e-mail a listing of sources (none of which, in fact, were at all relevant to the wild claims of said paragraph) that they had lifted directly from a Yahwist cult website. They did so without linking to the page or acknowledging their “borrowing” of the list. So, when appraised that the rest of us have browsers and can type “,” TBC has had to come up with an explanation of their actions. Allow me to summarize. Dave is busy. He told us to find something. He didn’t actually USE those sources, we just sorta went looking. We didn’t cite them because, well, they are cultists anyway. We really don’t approve of everyone on the list, either. But, hey, it was a start.

     So let’s follow the reasoning here a bit. Hunt makes wild claim that undercuts the entire concept of biblical inspiration and inerrancy due to hiring on an editor who is into the “Hebrew originals” movement. When challenged, why not just point us to the sources he used for the paragraph? Because there are none, of course. That would have been the easy solution, no? But instead, Hunt instructs his employees to go dig something up on their own, and they end up sending out an utterly irrelevant list from a cult group. Nothing about the DSS. The only patristic citations are about Matthew, not Acts. No Hebrew text to look at. No list of “scholars” who give us this mysterious rendering that differs from the Greek. Nothing. But one thing is for sure. It isn’t Dave fault. He was busy.

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