Presbyterian & Reformed has released a new version of an old-time classic. S. Lance Quinn has updated The Five Points of Calvinism by David N. Steele and Curtis C. Thomas. This work contains a great deal more information than the original, including an annotated bibliography. Our readers might find the following entries interesting, if not somewhat amusing:

White, James R. The Potter’s Freedom — White is to be thanked for carefully, fairly, and meticulously refuting Geisler’s disturbing and misleading book, Chosen But Free. In the preface to the book, Philip R. Johnson, executive director of Grace to You (the media ministry of John MacArthur), writes of Geisler’s book, Unfortunately, Chosen but Free is a disappointment. More than a mere letdown, actually. It is a stunningly inept treatment of the subject it undertakes. (p. 11). Geisler responds to White in the second edition of the book, and White has a detailed response to Geisler at (pp. 114-115)

Then, under a previous entry:

Hunt, Dave and James White. Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views — This book grew out of James White’s response to Dave Hunt’s 2002 book, What Love is This? This book has a debate format and could well go down as the most lop-sided debate in church history. Once again, as in What Love is This? Dave Hunt neither understands true Calvinism nor correctly represents classic Arminianism. If you want to see an excellent presentation of classic Calvinism, you will find it in James White’s portion of Debating Calvinism. (p. 91)

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