For some odd reason someone unknown to me recently posted to a discussion forum one of those e-mails you write because you really feel strongly about something. I had forgotten, but a few years ago Marc Carpenter, one of the more famous Internet Hyper Calvinists, had sent out one of those unsolicited e-mails to a large group of folks (you know the type that has a huge ‘cc’ list?). I actually took the time, for some reason, to sit down and write a fairly full reply. I’m not sure why the person who reposted it did so, but I thought my reply was worth providing to a larger audience. The issue does come up frequently, and real Calvinists are often unfairly painted with the hyper-Calvinist label, so here are some thoughts on the subject. I don’t know if the follow up he wrote is on his website or not, but since this isn’t his website, but mine, you can look for his response if you are so inclined to do so. 🙂

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