Dan Borvan was just over in Europe and visited Geneva and sent me a shot of the famed “Reformation Wall” (the one most folks who live in Geneva don’t know anything about anymore). I’ve seen it many times, but I’ve not seen it with someone standing in front of it. The perspective helps you to see how truly large it is (each figure is five meters tall). I haven’t gotten around to posting my pics from Edinburgh and Knox’s house, so this will have to do for now! For those who do not recognize the great Reformers by face, from left to right we have Guilluame Farel, the firey Reformer of Geneva who struck fear in Calvin’s heart; then John Calvin himself; next to him Theodore Beza, Calvin’s successor at Geneva, and finally the fiery John Knox, reformer of Scotland, who sought to establish there what he had observed during his time in Geneva.

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