I hope to find the time today to get another post in the John 6 series up. This morning I listened to Barry Lynn interviewing John Shelby Spong while riding. That was a bit tough, as you can imagine, but enlightening as well. I have a feeling I will review that on the DL today, since it is always easier to discuss something that is fresh on your mind.
   While waiting for the Dividing Line, you might wish to listen to this series on the five points by Nick Needham, pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church in Inverness, Scotland. I have spoken a few times at the church in Inverness, and love the folks there. In fact, ironically, I wrote the first portions of my replies to Ergun Caner on the Founder’s Blog on a computer in the home of one of the church members there in Inverness while I was visiting during the afternoon between services. Dr. Needham is a church historian, and you might find his other lectures most useful, including lectures on Athanasius, John Knox, etc., found here, and some (but I notice not all) of his published books are found here. Dr. Needham is a wonderful brother in the Lord, and has taken over pastoring the Inverness Church upon the retirement of Jack Seaton. Jack and his wife have been most kind to me in my visits to Inverness, and I had the pleasure of seeing the Seatons while speaking at the Metropolitan Tabernacle a few weeks ago. Jack took me to see Loch Ness when I first visited there, for which I am most thankful. You might recognize Pastor Seaton’s name from his Banner of Truth booklet on the Five Points. It has been an honor to get to know such a wonderful, godly man. I look forward to returning to Inverness in the not too distant future.

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