Took calls at the beginning of the show then had to rush, too much, I fear, through reading Calvin’s comments on John 6:37ff so as to contrast them with those of Paul Owen and his “Covenantal” (Eisegetical) reading of the same passage. Lord willing and I ever clear my desk so as to get to the John 6 project, I will surely include that amazing “reading” in the section to be examined and refuted. Here is the program.
BTW, I mentioned this graphic that appeared in the CRI Journal. I got the official word on it after the program. It was meant to show a progression of issues: Smith (controversy clearly outside the Church), Jakes (I would argue he’s just as much outside the Church as Smith, but I guess the idea is he’s on TBN and all over the media, so its more of an internal issue) and Calvin representing an internal controversy that should be discussed. That is my paraphrase. I think the folks at CRI should get that typed up and ready to mail out with regularity, since the conjunction of Smith, Jakes, and Calvin, did not communicate that idea to me, even after I tried to find something in the article that would remove the “fingernails on a chalkboard” effect of the graphic. Put your favorite theologian in Calvin’s position, even if you are not Reformed, and you might get the idea. In any case, there’s the official explanation. Now, let’s get CRI to do an exegetical debate between myself and 1) Norman Geisler, 2) Dave Hunt, 3) William Lane Craig, 4) Paul Owen, 5) WHOEVER, on John 6 for a future edition of the Journal. Start with exegetical presentations in Part I; then provide critiques of the other’s presentation in the next edition. That would be great.

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