I have played the debate in the hearing of my apologetics classes since 1995. Some portions I do have memorized, not from trying to do so, but just from repetitive exposure and memorable content. I refer to the debate on the existence of God between Gordon Stein and Greg Bahnsen, which took place twenty years ago tonight, February 11th, 1985. In God’s providence, both men died within a year of each other (Bahnsen late 1995, Stein August, 1996). For most of us, Stein will always be remembered as the atheist who performed a recorded, public face-plant into the wall of the transcendental argument. And Greg Bahnsen will be fondly recalled as the man who could not only defend the faith at the highest level of philosophical discourse, but, as seen in that debate, could just as quickly give a warm, personal word of testimony to God’s grace in his life. If you have never listened to the Bahnsen/Stein debate, today would be a good day to do it. Here’s the link.

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