That was interesting! Second time I’ve been on a national radio broadcast where the host spent more time debating me than my opponent did. 🙂 The host was more Arminian than Dave Hunt was, actually, so the lead ins and the questions presented were rather, uh, less than fair to the Reformed side. But that’s OK, I appreciated the fact that the host, an attorney, at least recognized the need to have real conversation, and I can only hope for more of that. I challenged Hunt to a live debate once again, and he remains unwilling to do it, and even said I was lying to say he had ever agreed. I guess he doesn’t remember standing at his table at the PFO Conference in St. Louis and talking to me about it. I, however, do. 🙂 I’ll post the link here when the archive is up so those of you who missed it can catch it. I may play some clips on the DL tomorrow.

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