I have often said that as long as the leadership of Calvary Chapel continues to ignore the biblical testimony to Reformed theology, while at the same time teaching their people to believe and study the Bible, they will continue to produce an unending stream of Calvinists. You cannot deal with Reformed theology by utilizing the surface level arguments of someone like George Bryson. The only way you can maintain the consistent anti-Reformed stance of Calvary Chapel is to use intimidation. And that is exactly what is taking place. And some folks in Calvary Chapel feel secure enough in their position to actually talk about it in the open. Here is a response to George Bryson posted by the men’s pastor at the main Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California. It seems to indicate that George Bryson continues to see himself as the guardian of the Calvary Chapel movement against the insidious invasion of the body snatchers, sorry, I mean, the Calvinists. I personally find this kind of modern-day Inquisition incredibly sad.

UPDATE: It would seem that the article linked to above has been removed. One of our channel participants found it in the archives here. RP

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