The folks over at would like us to think they are still Reformed in some meaningful fashion. But I simply ask you to read their own self-chosen subtitle to their site:

Where Being Reformed Isn’t The Dead Faith of the Living, But the Living Faith of the Dead

Now, I know it is very dangerous to actually attempt interpretation of even a text this short (who can, truly, really know what anything means anymore?). But something tells me the author of said subtitle, in the second half, is claiming that they, the rC’s, hold to the “living faith of the dead,” i.e., they live consistently in light of the “catholic consensus” going back to their forebears. But, obviously, these folks define themselves far more by what they are opposed to than by what they are for, so the first half of the sentence can mean nothing more than those who oppose them, or reject their primary thesis, have a “dead faith,” a modern pseudo-faith that is disconnected from, and utterly different than, that of the “catholic church” as they define it. It is hardly surprising to those of us who have been quietly watching the discombobulation of the movement itself to see the inevitable distancing from, and finally attacking of, the “solas” of the Reformation. When we first said it would happen we were mocked: and given the fair amount of post-modernism in that camp, what was said a year ago is now subject to death by a thousand qualifications and heart-felt “re-interpretation.” So it hardly matters from their perspective. But in any case, once again we see that the experiment in mixing fire and water doesn’t work. Oxymorons are still oxymorons even in a post-modern age.

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