Years ago when I announced, for the first time, my eschatological position on the program (had a lot of fun teasing folks with that one), I mentioned that the key to my coming to my conclusions was a series of lectures by Greg Nichols, then of the Trinity Ministerial Academy. I listened to a series of old cassette tapes (for those under 24 years of age, Google it) wherein Nichols lectured on the eschatology of Jesus. He convinced me that Jesus’ eschatology inevitably leads to a particular conclusion, one that I adopted as my own. I truly appreciated his insight and scholarship.

So when Solid Ground contacted me about Greg Nichols’ new book, I was truly excited, for I knew this was a topic sorely crying out for treatment. Covenant Theology: A Reformed and Baptistic Perspective on God’s Covenants has just been released in a fine, high quality hard back edition from Solid Ground. This new book will be a welcome addition to the field. It comes at an excellent time and will help to ground those newly introduced to the Reformed faith in solid doctrinal truth.

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