You may have noticed the new banner add on the blog. Last October I debated Pastor Bill Shishko of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Franklin Square on the topic of baptism. I commented on the evening here on the blog at that time (see the archives). Shortly afterward, the OPC released a set of mp3s of the debate. We grabbed them and made them available as well, but we noticed they didn’t quite sound right. It took us a while to get hold of all the recordings we needed, two video recordings (in different formats), the mp3s, and, I believe, another audio recording. Rich has had to work for many, many hours putting all these different recordings together into a single whole, syncing them up, etc. In the process, we found twenty five minutes of the debate were missing from the original mp3 files posted after the debate. So, this recording we are now making available contains, for the first time, the entirety of the debate (or, at the very least, they are the most complete recording available–we are not able to detect any further missing parts). I believe those interested in this important discussion will appreciate the DVD set.
   I almost hesitate to make this debate available, since, of course, it will do nothing for my reputation as a fire-breathing, angry, uncharitable, nasty man. I mean, this debate was between two brothers! There was no yelling! No screaming! No animosity! Just lots of Bible, Bible, Bible! But, I’m sure I will survive the distribution of the debate, as those who accuse me of all those things almost never bother to actually listen to my debates anyway! So all will be well.
   Here is the classic introduction by none other than He Who Introduces Debates Like No Other, the inimitable Chris Arnzen:

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