I spoke three times on Sunday at PRBC. In the Sunday School I began addressing Frank Page’s book on Calvinism. In the Sunday morning service I began a series on baptism, continued in the evening service, specifically looking at the texts in Acts used to promote household baptism as normative. Yes, this relevant to, and in preparation for, the October 19th debate with Pastor Bill Shishko on baptism up on Long Island. No, I don’t have the details of the location yet. All I know is, Bill is my brother (he even admits I’m his!), this is a debate between two Christians that will be undertaken in the bonds of Christian love, a shared commitment to the Lordship of Christ, and the edification of God’s people. And for that reason, I am looking forward to it. For those who do not know Bill Shishko, he is the pastor of the Franklin Square Orthodox Presbyterian Church on Long Island, and has moderated the past number of Great Debates on Long Island. He has been greatly appreciated for his ability to keep things running on time and without delays. He will be a great debate partner even though we will be adversaries in this context. Anyway, I’ve been listening to his presentations and debates on baptism, and hence am addressing the same issues in my sermons. When these pages are updated, you will find the Sunday School lesson here, and the sermons here.

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