Just a reminder that we have worked it out so that we can webcast the baptism debate this evening between myself and Dr. Gregg Strawbridge, editor of The Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism. Some will remember that this was the book noted at the beginning of the baptism debate last year with Pastor Bill Shishko, and it is likewise the book containing the chapter by Pastor Jeff Niell that I interacted with in my Reformed Baptist Theological Review article on Hebrews 8 as well. I think we are scheduled for two hours, as far as I can tell, but I’m not 100% certain yet. In any case, the program will come to us from the folks at Covenant Radio. If the technology functions as it should, the quality should be very high. Of course, evening time is high traffic time in the US on the net, so the Skype factor could be a wildcard. We will see! We are scheduled to begin at 6pm MST, 8pm EST. Remember, this will take the place of our regular Thursday Dividing Line, but will be available at the regular webcasting URL, here. May the Lord be glorified in all that takes place this evening!

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