I posted a response once again demonstrating that Bob Ross of Pilgrim Publications is a troubler of the brethren, responding to, and refuting, his false accusations and evident confusion. He has responded with one of the most vacuous replies I’ve ever seen: long on accusation, dreadfully short on substance. He writes,

In James White’s recent video, he claims to believe the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith on “Effectual Calling.” Unfortunately, he does not give credible evidence that this is the case, nor does he even accurately read what the Confession actually says.

   Of course, I gave just that evidence, to which Ross has no response. Just like his mentor Peter Ruckman, Ross decides what others believe, whether they agree with his presentations or not, and declares himself the expert on the subject! Of course, when I say someone has been inaccurate in their statements, I document the inaccuracy. Ross fails to do so. See, for him, just like Ruckman, reality is what he says it is—the facts are irrelevant. So instead of going through the actual language of the confession and showing where I disagree (which he can’t do, since, obviously, I am in harmony with its words), Ross simply makes the assertion that I have engaged in eisegesis—hoping, I guess, that his readers do not take note of the fact that he fails to prove his point from the text itself. For Ross, like his mirror-image Ruckman, bluster and insult is the substance of his argumentation. The irony is, while Ross was instrumental in making Spurgeon’s works available, Spurgeon would be utterly embarrassed and shocked at his kind of behavior. As I’ve said before, mark the man, mark him well.

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