In God’s providence I was on the same shuttle bus that picked up Doug Wilson at the airport today, and as we were riding to the hotel he said, “I’ve only been in this blue state for ten minutes, and I already feel icky.” Yes indeed, I know the feeling. But you can look at it in a positive way: it’s easy to stay in the red if you want. In fact, there’s a lot more red here in California than blue! 🙂



Anyway, as I was looking over the blogs I find that Eric Svendsen is going to enjoy his time out here tomorrow and Saturday, if for no other reason than he should get a little time away from a certain Roman Catholic internet apologist who evidently only needs two hours of sleep a night and has the utterly annoying habit of parsing every sentence, every clause, resulting in these massive core-dumps of text that rarely accomplish anything at all. Welcome to CA, Eric! Enjoy your vacation.

Finally, I sure am glad I’m a Calvinist today. See, unlike folks who tout “libertarian free will” and the like, I happen to believe that when I pray, “Oh God, if it pleases You, give the President of our nation divine guidance and wisdom in selecting men who will interpret our Constitution as it was intended, and who will do justice in the highest court in our land so that our children’s children will be benefited,” I am praying to the God who turns the king’s heart as He desires (not as the king desires, Prov. 16:9, 21:1) and who can, in fact, fulfill the desire expressed in my prayer (and that is my prayer, I assure you). I sometimes wonder why folks pray to God and ask for such things while, at the same time, teaching that God would never, ever, do the very things they are asking Him to do! Yes, I know. Our prayers are often much better then our practice.

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