Everyone is talking about it, as expected. I preached a sermon on it a few months ago, and this past Sunday I sort of “updated” our folks at PRBC on more recent developments. Here is the sermon for streaming, here for downloading; here is the more recent Sunday School lesson for streaming, here for saving.

I’m heading for Atlanta this weekend, discussing the translation issue Friday night, and the all-out assault on justification Saturday morning, and then preaching Sunday morning before flying home. See the calendar for details.

l0g0s has pulled all the materials relevant to the recent discussions on the objectivity of the covenant, Galatians 2, and the like. See the entry for Feb. 16 here. It sounds like an apology as I read it. But one is not required. Possibly others have engaged in this debate for personal reasons, but I have not. Many have asked me why I would bother posting material relevant to it here when we have an audience with much wider interests than the debate over the objectivity of the covenant and baptism. In case anyone missed it, my reasons were stated very early on: yes, I believe there are dire results in reference to apologetics and the proclamation of the gospel to Roman Catholics and others. But more basic is the issue of the perspicuity of Scripture and the role of hermeneutics and exegesis in the church’s life and ministry. It was the claim, early on, made by TGE, that we could not go to the inspired text and determine if the passage in Galatians 2 was truly relevant to this issue facing the church that caused the strongest reaction from me. That issue will not go away, even if we stop discussing it, and I don’t think anyone needs to apologize for strongly believing what they believe on the topic.

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