I’ve taken a great deal of heat for having *any* humor on this blog, and especially for the cartoons Angel was so kind to provide. No matter how accurate his commentary, or how perfectly on-target the satire, there are some who just don’t believe there is any room at all for the use of sarcasm, satire, or humor in apologetics.

Each of the cartoons we have presented have not only been accurate in how they look, but they have had a clear application to a particular situation, as anyone knew who listened to the debates or programs to which the cartoon referred can attest. And in no case was anything even remotely like violence suggested. Angel is a professional.

Well, as Rush Limbaugh always says, you really need to leave such things to the professionals. Today Dave Armstrong, Roman Catholic apologist extraordinaire, posted an altered version on his blog.Yes, Rush is right. Leave such things to the professionals. So, the next time you think about complaining about Angel’s professional cartoons and the points they make, remember what the “other side” thinks is funny. 

Update About Three Hours After Posting the Above:

Evidently some of Armstrong’s supporters pointed out that his posting a grotesque redrawing of me with a Roman Catholic arrow stuck between my eyes, blood all over my face, and in Charles Manson-style red, “Veni Vidi Vici” written across the picture, was not only tasteless and simply disgusting, but it was anything but funny. Then, without apology, Armstrong put a self-serving list of his own writings he says I have ignored on the web page that, only a little before, had hosted the bloody picture of me. So I pulled the link.

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