I have suggested often over the past nearly decade and a half that whenever you hear a starry-eyed Protestant talking about Rome’s high view of grace, that the single best means of bringing them back down to earth and reality (if they are open to truth, anyway) is to get them to read Indulgentiarum Doctrina, the Apostolic Constitution on the Revision of Indulgences from January 1, 1967. Few things illustrate the simple fact that anyone who thinks Rome believes in sola gratia either 1) does not know what the phrase means, or 2) is simply ignorant of the facts. If you can read that document and say, “Yes, well, that means that Roman Catholics do not teach that we can derive righteousness from any other source but the grace of God found in Jesus Christ alone” then your idea of the very meaning of grace and its exclusivity in Christ is very, very different than mine.

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