My name is Kelli White.  You probably don’t know me but if you’re reading this you may know of or at least heard of my husband, James White.  He is the Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries in Phoenix, AZ.  Some say he is a controversial man at times.  Last week is one such example.  On Thursday he was in studio with Tim Staples on the Bible Answer Man broadcast in Santa Ana, CA.  Tim Staples is the Roman Catholic apologist that Jim was going to debate the very next evening on Papal Infallibility.  The radio broadcast went for a total of 3 hours, which is unusual.  The first hour was mostly of the two conversing back and forth while the next 2 hours were taken up with phone callers and their questions.  The discussion was lively to say the least. 

The debate on Friday night was in Fullerton, California, at Plummer Auditorium.  Jim and Mr. Staples had met there approximately 4 years earlier for another debate.  The audience was primarily Catholic.  Talk about stepping into the lion’s den!  While Mr. Staples decided to not debate the topic of papal infallibility, Jim kept to the subject and opposed the position quite well.  Not that I am biased or anything.  Mr. Staples also disrespected his opponent and the audience by not sticking to the rules of the debate that had been agreed upon before hand.  During the question and answer portion, Mr. Staples decided to give dissertations instead of asking questions.  And then when he was asked a question he didn’t answer it or took too long to answer it.  As I was sitting in the audience I at times had to sit on my hands.  I heard those seated behind me making such statements as, “you’re a liar” or “that’s heresy,” when Jim would respond to the questions he was asked.  It was hard for me to not turn around and say something.  But God knows the hearts of all men.  It is our responsibility to share the truth of the Gospel and let Him take care of the rest.  Let him who has ears hear!

While Jim’s gift was evident on stage, seated in the audience was a group of people without whose support this debate would not have been possible:  Warren Smith, Eddie Dalcour, Chris Jensen, Rich Pierce, Simon, Jody, Angelique and Abigail Escobedo, and our children, Joshua and Summer.  The kids decided to sit front and center in the first row.  Although some of it may have gone over their heads, from the look on their faces I think they enjoyed the debate and are eager to attend the next one.  Warren, Rich, Simon and myself tended the book table set up in the foyer of the auditorium before, during and after the debate.  Many folks had the opportunity to express their thankfulness to us throughout the evening. One young lady in particular approached the book table at the end of the evening and asked if I would give a note to Mr. White.  I said I didn’t think that would be a problem since I was his wife.  She grinned and you could tell she was very grateful.

The evening ended quickly as we were rushed out of the auditorium due to some miscommunication with the event coordinators.  It will be interesting to see and hear feedback from the debate.  It is my prayer that God will continue to use Jim, the ministry and those involved to further His kingdom ’til He comes again.

In Him

Kelli White (a.k.a. Mrs. James White) 

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