It is rare that you get to provide such a contrast as this, but this one is great. First, start out with this blog entry by Steve Ray, Catholic apologist who, ironically, just finished a DVD about the Apostolic Fathers. Why is it ironic? Well, read on. Look at his entry and see if he interacts with anything relevant to context, meaning, etc. Read his combox.
   Now, read TQuid’s inquiry about the text, but most importantly, read the combox comments offered, especially the citation of Whelton, and David King’s contribution.
   In which entry do you get any real idea of the context, meaning, and hence, historical relevance, of the Basil citation? And given how long Steve Ray has been doing what he is doing, how could he not be familiar with the issues surrounding the miscitation of this text?
   This is how modern RC apologetics propogates itself: ignore the other side, ignore replies, challenges, and just keep repeating the same mantra over and over again.

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