I noted that the Crimson Catholic, Jonathan Prejean, has been active, well, everywhere, in the current blogsplosion of “charity” amongst Roman Catholics aimed my direction. One of the common themes is how terrible, horrible James White hung up on saintly Prejean when he called the DL! Further documentation of just how much of a low-life I truly am.
   However, those who are not satisfied with just surface level accusations might have reason to think a bit more about this. First, Prejean first called the program in October, 2004. He was on the air for 22 minutes, 51 seconds. Here is the call. Listen for yourself. No hang ups. Nice conversation. Offered to send him free materials.
   The second call from 2006 took place after Prejean had, shall we say, a major change of attitude. He had just, in written form, accused me of Nestorianism, snobbery, ignorance, of “crowing” about things, etc. So the call started in a much less friendly way. But, despite that, the call lasted just under fifteen minutes in length. Fifteen minutes. I wonder, if I called Jimmy Akin next time he is on and acted like Prejean did, do you think I’d get…two minutes? Ninety seconds, perhaps? Total time Prejean has gotten on the air is right at 37 minutes. Thirty seven minutes. Hmm, I wonder why some folks try to make it sound like he has not gotten a fair shake? Think they might not want folks calling the DL?

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