Just got back from a most enjoyable morning exercising my 2nd Amendment rights and launching model rockets, all at the same time (ah, the smell of gunpowder in the morning!). When I popped into my office to watch an AVI I shot of one of my old, old rockets CATOing on the launch pad (engine mounts gave way…I’m still laughing hysterically about it!) I noticed that Mike O’Fallon had sent Jimmy Akin an e-mail. I chuckled, since I have not spoken to Mike about the situation, nor did I ask him to contact Akin, but being the go-getter he is, he had taken the initiative, probably after reading the blog yesterday. Fulfilling the “we will think the worst of White on all levels” stereotypical mindset, Akin put on his blog:

Should Mr. White and I be able to agree to a debate (which is now less likely after him sending you as his proxy only hours after I repeatedly made the point that he would need to speak to me himself–something I’m sure you’ll understand is hard not to regard as a deliberate tweak on White’s part), I will be happy to arrange logistical matters with you. I’ll also introduce you to our seminar coordinator, to help handle what needs to be done logistically from our side.

I hadn’t asked Mr. O’Fallon to contact Akin; there was no “deliberate tweak.” And it seems that Mr. Akin is saying, “My way, or the highway.” Well, we will see. I would rather Akin respond to the repeated demonstration of his eisegetical errors, personally.

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