What is the best way to hide the fact that you have been guilty of engaging in consistent ad hominem argumentation and are not, in fact, capable of a meaningful defense of your position? Of course! Accuse the other guy of everything you have done! If he says someone who is in error is “confused,” don’t look at that as a nice way of pointing out error, instead, make it a glowing example of how mean and nasty and stupid he is! Jonathan Prejean’s utter melt-down in the use of double-standards, and his obvious emotionalism in the face of calm refutation of his false accusations, is a thing to behold. It does not even require response for any semi-reasonable person who is not ready to jump on their horse and head off to the Crusades. Read it here, if you need another example of how Roman Catholic apologists can face the reality of history and the Scriptures and still affirm their dogmatic beliefs. When you can twist anything someone says the way Prejean does, you can do the same to the Scriptures, the early Christian writers—anything. And one last “application note”: realize that it makes no difference the level of education or erudition; the very same emotionalism that produces the wild-eyed flames of john6jmj produces this far more eloquently stated, but no less hypocritical and emotionally-driven rhetoric of Prejean.

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