The RC pep rally and general back-slapping rave going on at DA’s blog has continued unabated for a few days now, though I think eventually even these folks will get tired of repeating the same mantras over and over again. “Wow, that James White, we sure have refuted him, haven’t we!” “Yeah, sure did! Wow, he’s as dumb as a bag of hammers!” etc. and etc. At the moment, the file I’ve created saving the comments is 65 pages long. And if there are two paragraphs that can be taken seriously, I’d be surprised.

Most of the comments are quite humorous. But a repeated theme, one poured out regularly by the likes of “Patrick,” Jim Scott (read only if you are wearing asbestos) and Jonathan Prejean is that in point of fact, I have not been dealing with Armstrong’s work fairly or accurately, and more importantly, that others have “refuted me.” Even little Apolonio chimed in, sorta like, “Yeah, me too, me too!” We even had a Muslim come on and join the fun, fellow by the name of Josh Wilcox. Not an overly pleasant fellow, I must say. I’m looking forward to his debate with Sam Shamoun. 🙂

Anyway, as I watched the avalanche of cheap shots, unfounded accusations, and claims of refutation scrolling by, the thought crossed my mind, “You know, these guys are sitting behind their keyboards all nice and smug and safe. Yet, tomorrow morning at 11am my time I will start The Dividing Line and we will open the toll-free phone lines at 877-753-3341. I wonder how many of them would have the guts to call and present their ‘irrefutable’ evidence?” Jonathan Prejean called in once, but what he has written in this thread would be pretty hard to defend, so I sorta doubt he’d want to try to. But the fact is, I wonder if any of these very brave folks who are so tremendously brave behind a keyboard would be willing to press their case out in the open, so to speak, where I can respond and ask them questions as well? I’d love to hear some of these folks attempt to respond to the material I’ve actually presented in response to Armstrong. I bet lots of others folks would, too. And since Apolonio thinks my comments on Romans 5:1 are so easily refuted, I’m sure he could find the time to call in as well.

Finally, someone posted a link to an article where supposedly Mark Bonocore “refutes” me on the Isaiah 22 issue. Now, I hadn’t seen that name in a while. Bonocore left Sungenis’ organization, I gather, with Art Sippo. Anyone at all familiar with RC apologists and apologetics immediately recognizes the names of Sippo and Sungenis for, though they have been at odds for a while now, their modus operandi is the same. And anyone promoting either of them, or their associates (Sippo would have chosen a more colorful term, I assure you), has little basis upon which to say Protestants misbehave, that’s for certain. Anyway, since it seems Dave Armstrong is not up to providing a positive defense of his own published work, I will gladly review, and respond to, this alleged refutation in the near future. I will have to get past all the rhetoric and chest thumping to get to anything substantive (here’s the article), but hey, if it helps someone, it’s worth it. 🙂

So don’t forget, all you brave keyboard warriors out there. 11am MST Thursday, 877-753-3341. Bring your best arguments. You’ll need ’em.

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