In the comments section on l0g0s’ blog a number of folks (including Roman Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong) have taken him to task for asserting the citations offered above are “out of context.” l0g0s has been utterly unable to back up his claims outside of saying Bahnsen and I would not have agreed on other subjects, a glowing canard to anyone familiar with logical argumentation. The fact is, Bahnsen said about Rome then what I say about Rome today. He did not call l0g0s to debate Gerry Matatics in 1992, less than 18 months prior to writing the quoted article–he called me. I believe today about Rome what I believed then. And in the greatest of ironies, l0g0s has been reduced to saying that I should make biblical arguments rather than quoting Bahnsen. Well goodness, it never crossed my mind…. I’ll have to try that.

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