HUMOR ALERT! HUMOR ALERT! Granite-faced Calvinists and frigid cold Catholics need not continue reading, or even look!

As some of you know, Dave Armstrong at first tried to reply, somewhat, to my review of his book, The Catholic Verses. Then he pulled the plug on responding to “anti-Catholics,” again, as he has done in the past, as Eric Svendsen so humorously documented. Then he started writing “theme songs” for me, which, of course, is not really responding, at least not in a responsive way, with words and arguments and things, see…. Well, this morning, when I read Eric’s blog on the Dividing Line, little did I know that my friend Angel was listening, and getting tickled. And so, back by popular demand, I present Angel’s most recent creation. There is so much fun stuff in this one, you need to look at the big picture. Check out all the details! And Dave, please read the note along the side. It’s just for you! 🙂

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