I truly love how fair and unbiased folks can be. An announcement has been made regarding the upcoming debate between Eric Svendsen and Mitch Pacwa. I happened to run across this post from Art Sippo:

Svendsen has already lost the debate. Sola Scriptura is pure Pelagianism. It reduces religious authority to mere human opinion. Sola Ecclesia Romana means that we depend on the Church as THE source of revelation and frankly that is correct. Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium can only be found in the Church and interpreted by the Holy Spirit which superintends the Church especially through the Petrine ministry.

   Well, there you go! The debate is settled before it takes place! Don’t you just love it?

Update: For some reason, a bunch of folks have read this blog article as if I have announced that Art Sippo is moderating the debate. I confess I have a hard time seeing how anyone could come to that conclusion, but for those who have become confused, a clarification. Sippo is not involved with the debate. He has just demonstrated that it would not matter what evidence was presented to him: he believes in sola ecclesia, and nothing will change that.

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