I stopped being surprised a long time ago at the non-responses offered by Roman Catholic apologists to substantive and especially exegetically-based criticisms of their positions. Sippo’s website, for example, links to the 15-second long context-less video snippet of an interchange between myself and Gerry Matatics on sola scriptura (the same clip I discussed a few weeks ago on the blog, providing the necessary context for any serious-minded person). Anyone who thinks such contextless sound-bites are overly relevant is obviously not too serious about the truth or apologetics. But in any case, Sippo did not even bother waiting until the end of the series to fire back, not with rebuttal or even interaction, but with his customary “prots are stupid, believe me, I’m a medical doctor” kind of rhetoric. In fact, he dismisses the entire seven part series with, “Ignorant ravings by an uneducated pundit really require no response.” If I am so uneducated, I would think it would behoove Sippo to refute the documentation I have provided of his own errors. Of course, the reality is, it is Art Sippo who is uneducated in theology, Greek, and exegesis. He is a medical doctor and has no experience teaching in the field in which he pretends expertise. That is why he refuses to debate me on this issue and will not interact with the documentation of his errors. 

And so for the second time in the past six months or so one of the “apologists” of the Catholic Legate website has been thoroughly refuted without any attempt on their part at response or correction. Will this cause them to cease their insulting and dismissive rhetoric? Of course not. But all one can do is speak the truth, knowing that in the only court that matters, that is our only duty.

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