It has been quite some time since I have mentioned the name of Art Sippo on this blog. After years of enduring his outrageous behavior, I challenged him to debate on his own pet topic in his own home town, and he would not do it. Amazingly, he cited how “mean” I am as a reason, which left just about everyone who has watched his acidic mean-spiritedness pour forth from his keyboard for years in utter shock…or fits of laughter.
   Well, at the time I wondered now long it would be until Sippo started to re-write history. Evidently he thinks nine months is sufficient time for his followers to lose all memory of his running from a perfectly legitimate debate challenge (here is the last article I wrote about that particular issue) and who knows, maybe it is? But the Internet has a long memory, and documentation is documentation.
   So what is Art telling folks now? Well, here it is:

Mr. White indeed did make an offer to debate me, but his offer was unacceptable. We could not come to terms concerning the conduct of the debate and White acted in a discourteous and un-Christian manner towards me. He refused to discuss the terms of the debate with me personally and selected a venue that was completely unaceptable (sic). I informed James that I would not debate him unless it was done in mutual respect. He then sent me a long note filled iwth (sic) lies and insults confirming to me what I have known for years. The man is delusional and has serious mental problems. He needs professional help which I have counseled him to seek for many years. Sadly in the prot cults, you apparently like demagogues and so you facilitate irrational and sub-Christian behavior instead of love of neighbor.

   Classic Sippo, isn’t it? Complain about how unloving folks are while insulting them and calling them insane. Isn’t it great? I haven’t gone over to the Envoy forums in a long time, so I don’t know if Sippo still has any followers (many saw through him at the time he ran from this challenge), but I imagine he probably does, or is trying to rebuild his fan base even now. I knew this would happen, because when he ducked and ran back in August of last year, I wrote,

If Sippo seeks in any forum whatsoever to misrepresent this situation, I will post, en toto, every bit of the correspondence that has been written over the past two days. Those with the slightest bit of familiarity with Sippo’s long history of anti-Protestant harangues will be able to see the truth of the situation instantly.

   And so, if I see one more example of this kind of utterly fallacious re-writing of history, I will indeed go back to my archives and post the entirety of the e-mail exchange so anyone can judge for themselves if Art Sippo can tell the truth or not. For those who may be new to this blog and have no idea who Art Sippo is, click here for a selection of blog articles that will not only expose Sippo’s inability to deal with biblical texts on a meaningful basis, but likewise document the fact that when Art Sippo complains about people being mean and nasty and arrogant and insulting, we should think about Ted Kennedy complaining about people being Democrats, or Elton John complaining about profanity. Indeed, our friend Angelz captured the truth about Art Sippo long ago:

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