The Arizona Cardinals stink. Let’s face it. They got clocked 44-6 this past weekend, and they are headed for another one of their regular 4-12 type seasons. I have often said I’d be happy to volunteer to pack them up and ship them off to any city willing to take them. They are just bad from top to bottom. So why would I say Sungenis roots for the Cardinals? Well, late last night, a few hours after the Dividing Line featuring Gerry Matatics, Sungenis posted a review on his website. Well, no, not a review. I don’t know what to call it. If you have listened to that edition of the Dividing Line and want some of the clearest evidence ever offered that some folks suffer from massively selective hearing, check it out. It is almost humorous, if it didn’t involve obvious spiritual blindness. (BTW, Sungenis should really leave the cheesey titles to Scott Hahn. Though Hahn’s define the term “cheese,” at least, considered singularly, they normally carry a small amount of humor. Sungenis’ article is titled, “Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead.” Excuse me?) Outside of the expected egregious misrepresentations, the whole thing is focused on a single issue. To summarize, “Hey, hey, don’t listen to all those questions that didn’t get an answer, just think of one thing: we have a single exception to Dr. Svendsen’s thesis in a non-biblical source outside of the time parameters he examined! Wahoo! We have an exception to a rule of grammar! We win! We win! WE ARE #1!” And that’s why I say Bob Sungenis roots for the Cardinals. See, it’s one thing to say, “Hey, I’m a Cardinals fan, whether they win, or lose…and lose…and lose.” I admire that kind of die-hard fan. But that is very different from standing there in the 4th quarter as the Cards are down by 30+ points screaming, “Yeah man, we are the BEST! We ROCK!” That’s simple self-deception. And that’s Bob Sungenis. He can listen to Matatics self-destruct on the level of not even being able to read a lexical entry properly and that doesn’t even create a blip on his radar screen. Why? “Cuz Rome rules! WE ARE #1!” Just as the Cardinals will only get to the Super Bowl by purchasing tickets to it in 2008 (here in Phoenix), Rome will only get you the consolation prize of deception now, and destruction at the final judgment.

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