I regularly visit Roman Catholic blogs and websites to see what the apologists are up to. Here are a few highlights.
   The Envoy boards provided this newsbreaker from Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid:

   “My new book on the subject of sola scriptura, which I’m finishing up this summer, responds directly and in detail to these claims made by King and Webster. The book, published by Servant Books, will appear in early 2008.”

   If this does get printed, I think it may be the first full-length published response to the Webster / King three-volume set, Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith. For those of you involved with Catholic apologetics, you really need to get the King / Webster books. I’m very fond of volume one (A Biblical Defense of the Reformation Principle of Sola Scriptura) by David King. In my opinion, this volume is the best current book in print explaining sola scriptura, and also directly interacting with Catholic apologetic arguments on sola scriptura. All three volumes can be purchased here.
   Over on the Envoy boards, a thread was posted critiquing another of my current blog entries. This gentleman wrote:

   “James Swan in a May 21st blog post attempts to justify King’s and Websters’s 3 volume treatise on scripture and tradition. Since the AOMIN blog does not allow responses (as I have noted on prior occasions), I shall attempt to address some of James Swan’s comments here.”

   And also:

   “To make a very long story short, there is a Catholic understanding of sola scriptura that is much closer to that of the Church Fathers than that of the Reformers and modern day Evangelicals. My hope is the James Swan (and others) will enter into a constructive dialogue to discuss these important issues.”

   Now, this particular fan of mine knows full well I’ve been banned from the envoy boards. I was banned for simply posting a link to an article from AOMIN. Perhaps Mr. Madrid should be asked why he won’t let me actually discuss this issue on his discussion board, but will let a link be put up about me, knowing I can’t respond.
   Also, I think it’s about time to stop all this nonsense about James White not allowing responses on his blog. His blog is not a discussion board. In fact, those of you who have been around AOMIN for a while, know that the current blog set up simply replaced the old main page articles that were put up. In other words, this blog was never intended to be a discussion blog, and many others likewise have a similar set up. You can always call Dr. White’s Dividing Line show to voice your comments. You will have the pleasure of immediate interaction, I’m sure.
   If this person really wants “constructive dialog”, I suggest writing Mr. Madrid and asking him if Roman Catholicism is more true if links to AOMIN are not allowed to be posted. In other words, let Madrid know the real world still exists outside of his Envoy forums. Many of his Envoy participants write only about AOMIN anyway. Patrick might as well simply make their time a little easier by allowing links, and not being so quick to ban people who are a lot less vitriolic than Mr. Sippo.

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