I regularly visit Roman Catholic blogs and websites to see what the apologists are up to. Here are a few highlights.
   Gerry Matatics says he’s continuing his 300-city mega tour “contrary to the hopes of my many enemies, critics, and detractors.” Gerry says:

   “I pull no punches and make no apologies for opposing, and exposing, the novelties, oddities, heresies, and blasphemies promoted by what purports to be the “official” Catholic establishment, but in fact is nothing but a band of unauthorized apostates and usurpers who have been permitted by God’s providence to commandeer the infrastructure of the previously Catholic institutions of our world since the death of Pius XII precisely in order to bring about the universal apostasy God has patiently and persistently repeatedly warned us, over the last 6000 years, must precede the return of His Son.”

   Now that’s quite a sentence! I actually caught one of Gerry’s mega-lectures last summer. Gerry’s new position is eschatological. He emphasizes the church is in a “last days crisis.” Thus, the entire undercurrent of his talk had a sense of urgency, reminiscent of those dispensational evangelical church services I grew up in where the rapture was going to happen at any moment. The signs of the times prove this to be the case. Gerry holds the majority of Catholics have been swept away by great deceptions in last 40 years, particularly ecumenism. Not only the Bible predicts this, but also various approved sightings of Mary throughout history have similarly confirmed the great falling away of the Roman Catholic Church in the last days.
   Over on Patrick Madrid’s Envoy discussion boards, a question was asked about Madrid’s unspoken policy to not allow any links to aomin.org. The questioner also commented, “I just read an article on envoy where Pat Madrid thanked White & Co. for advertising envoy and the forums. Is this ban because envoy doesn’t want to advertise for protestant pages?” Well, what’s the deal Patrick? No response from Mr. Madrid, but Catholic apologist Art Sippo took the helm of the good ship Envoy:

   “This message will likely get bleeped, but HEY! You can’t blame a guy for trying! Envoy linking to Mr. White’s material is like B’nai B’rith linking to the Aryan Nation website for an opposing view on the Holocaust and Nazi genocide. It is very obvious to us that Herr Weiss… I mean MR. White follows the doings on this board very closely and often überreagiert… uh, overrects to what we say here. But this does not mean that we have to provide a tyrannkanzel…. sounding board for all the sturm und drang … controversial comments he makes.”

   Nothing like the poetic Dr. Sippo! Indeed, Dr. Sippo was correct, this discussion was deleted off the Envoy boards. Anyone visiting Planet Envoy immediately realizes the contributors spend a lot of time reading aomin.org. Madrid should at least explain why his fellow apologists are not allowed to link the web site which so consumes their discussions.
   Finally, another “doctor” of sorts has put together an interesting blog entry. Dr. Dave Armstrong has finally put together a link which is beyond refutation. Protestants beware, the argumentation and information will not be easy to refute.

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