I regularly visit Roman Catholic blogs and websites to see what the apologists are up to. Here are a few highlights.
   Catholic apologist Dr. Art Sippo has found a new vehicle by which to express himself: a blog. I guess it’s my fault actually. I ran a little entry documenting some of the outrageous comments Sippo makes. This somehow inspired Art to join the blogging craze. I must say it is a profound honor to be the first subject Dr. Sippo blogged on. I can’t believe I actually beat out Dr. White for Art’s first post (Dr. White was scrutinized in Sippo’s second entry). Here’s a quick sample of what to expect when visiting Sippo’s blog:

   “Anti-Catholics like Swan, Webster, Ensweger [sic], Svendsen, Chick, and White constantly preach to the choir. Their fans want to believe their lies and so — like their forbear Uncle Adolph — they tell big ones and they tell them often.”

   It really does amaze Roman Catholics take Sippo with any credibility. I’ve been reading through Gary Michuta’s new book, Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger. Michuta quotes “Arthur Sippo” (on page 186). Does Gary really think a Protestant reader will take his research seriously? Sippo thinks that Godly, honest, Protestant writers are to be put in the same genre as Hitler.
   Next, the thread featured on the Catholic Answers forum exhorting Catholics to pray and fast for the conversion of Dr. White is still going strong. So far there have been 200 + responses. Now a spin-off thread has appeared, asking Catholic converts to post their conversion stories as a response to the recent aomin entries:

   “In response to the call for a day of prayer and fasting for his conversion, professional apologist and anti-Catholic James White has begun posting letters written by former Catholics who credit Mr. White for helping them to leave the Church. I would encourage all converts to the Catholic Church to post the stories of their conversions in this thread. Please share what issues started the ball rolling, what the biggest obstacles were, and how you finally over came them.”

   One thing you’ll notice if you read through the thread is the importance given to popular Catholic apologetic materials. For the most part, you won’t read about anyone going through Dr. White’s debates, evaluating the evidence presented from both sides, and forming an opinion. I wrote an entry a while back on the nature of Catholic conversion stories, pointing out these type of stories speak of receiving the Lordship of an alleged infallible church magisterium as the ultimate rule over one’s life.
  Finally, Catholic apologist Mark Shea has a blog disclaimer:”Mark Shea’s Blog: So That No Thought of Mine, No Matter How Stupid, Should Ever Go Unpublished Again!” Ironically, Mark posted the following:

   “As is probably obvious, I dislike James White. However, I ought not to let my dislike of him get the better of me and write a post in mockery of him. Whatever that is, it’s not love. If you are wondering where the post and your comments went, I decided to delete it. My apologies to White and to my readers for letting my dislike of White trump the Great Commandment.”

   First, I’m not sure what Shea wrote, but it would seem his disclaimer isn’t quite accurate. Certain of his thoughts should not be published. Second, Shea doesn’t like Doctor White, and will publicly admit this, but actually putting his dislike into a blog post crosses the line. In evaluating this, recall the words of Jesus, “For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.”

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