My busy schedule has left me little time to write, however, I do still check in on a number of Roman Catholic apologists each day. Here’s what I found today.

In some cases, there really isn’t anything new under the sun. Take for instance Gerry Matatics. Gerry updates his website a few times a year, if that. His recent offering is entitled, Gerry Matatics Still Alive! It’s typical Gerry- an apology for not updating his site, and then information on his latest tour. Gerry’s latest insights include the following against a particular brand of Roman Catholic clergy (somewhat reminiscent of Harlod Camping’s view of the church):

“I have been stunned to discover by my in-depth research over the last two years into sacramental theology, moral theology, and canon law, that most such clergy today do NOT possess this mission and jurisdiction, and to discover that because such unauthorized clergy culpably violate God’s law in these matters they are NOT authentically functioning to bring the graces they claim to bring to Catholics during the current crisis.”

Over on Francis Beckwith’s blog, he re-posted his conversion story. In case this wasn’t enough, he also posted another entry with a link to his story which aired on the Journey Home a year ago. Why? How many times does his story need to be told? Well, the “story” is a main Romanist apologetic tool (if not the main Romanist apologetic tool), so I would speculate he’ll continue to post it, often. My take on these stories can be found here.

This one is truly a mystery to me. Robert Sungenis is posting a link to an mp3 of Dr. White’s recent debate with Christopher Ferrara on The Immaculate Conception & Sinlessness of Mary. After listening to this debate, I can’t believe any Roman Catholic apologist would think this debate was any sort of triumph for Romanism. Here’s an irony for those of you who’ve heard the debate. Mr. Ferrara repeatedly appealed to the absolute trustworthiness of Rome. If the quote below is from the same Christopher Ferrara, he doesn’t trust his ultimate authority when it comes to Fatima:

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Ten years after the Vatican divulged one of the church’s best-kept secrets — the third part of the message of Fatima — a small band of skeptics and critics are still questioning the official explanation. More than 100 of them gathered at a hotel not far from the Vatican in early May for a week long conference on such topics as “Fatima and the Global Economic Crisis,” “The Present Need for the Consecration of Russia” and “Is There a Missing Text of the Third Secret?” For those in attendance, the answer to that last question is a no-brainer. “The evidence points to only one conclusion: that something has to be missing,” said Christopher A. Ferrara, a U.S. attorney and Catholic commentator who spoke at the conference. Ferrara pointed to what he described as a series of incongruities and inconsistencies in the Vatican’s version. Among people truly familiar with the events at Fatima, he said, only a minority “cling steadfastly to the notion that an ambiguous vision of a bishop dressed in white outside a half-ruined city is all there is to the third secret.”

Art Sippo is still saying things like, “EVERYONE experiences themselves as having free will (except psychotics and Calvinists)“. Steve Ray is poking fun at modern evangelical services, but leaving out the fact Roman Catholics have wacky Church services as well. Perhaps he missed the episode of Catholic Answers in which Tim Staples explained why he left a particular Roman Catholic Church he attended because the priest had his congregation do “the wave.”

These are just a few of my recent cyber stops. All things are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. What has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

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