Quick note: yesterday, when Dave Armstrong first posted his “I’m done with critics” stuff, his blog showed exactly two articles. Everything else was gone. Later in the day the rest of the material re-appeared. Obviously, at some point, an error was made in posting material (a common enough event). I’ve seen something similar happen at PowerLine, where all of a sudden one column takes over the content of another. In any case, when the article first appeared, that was the state of DA’s blog: that article and the preceding one with a link. Nothing more in the blog section, just the side column. I mentioned this in passing, and so, of course, someone named “Patrick” on DA’s blog has even more evidence of my dishonesty as a result. It is truly amazing to watch these folks do everything in their power to avoid dealing with the actual issues I have raised. Amazingly sad, anyway. Onward and upward, as one radio personality is known for saying…

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