I joined Chris Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron today to discuss the Top Ten Questions to ask of the convert to Roman Catholicism. I linked to the program before I went on, and I think as a result we got a call from a convert named Clare from Virginia. We had an interesting and I think quite revealing discussion, starting, as I recall, about twenty minutes into the program, which is found here. The conversation reminded me a little of this one. The abuse of poor Ignatius is very common, sadly. I discussed this very passage rather fully a few years ago on the Dividing Line. I was teaching a class at Golden Gate at the time on Patristic Theology. Here’s the program. Almost a full hour of discussion of the direct text of Ignatius, in its original context. I ask: how many Roman Catholic apologists offer that kind of discussion? Could they do so? I would invite Clare to listen to the program. Get hold of the actual text, in its entirety, and follow along.
   In any case, congratulations to Chris Arnzen on his first anniversary on Iron Sharpens Iron!

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