As if on cue Art Sippo demonstrates that not only is Angelz’ insight spot-on, but that Art is blind to his own constant use of ad-hominem. Doesn’t look like any of his friends are up to helping him see, either. He writes today:

   I have not bothered to look at the trash about me on James White’s web site. I do not find such derogatory antics to be at all fitting. Mr. White has been given ample opportunity to debate issues with me in a moderated public forum. Instead he has back peddled and refused to do so. Now he makes a personal attack on me just because he can and he thinks that I can take no action against him. So much for Mr. White’s alleged Christian profession. Even by his own cult’s perverted views, he provides no evidence of good works flowing from any faith in Christ.
   We know Mr. White as “Pseudopodeo” because he walks falsely and continues to rave against the Gospel. His conduct here proves the low standrads by which he conducts himself. I am not surprised that Patrick admires Mr. White. They both aspire to the same kind of amoralist religion which pretends that since Jesus was a good person, they don’t have to be. They both never learn anything from their opponents and are not subject to the Word of God even when it has been amply explained to them. And neither of them has the courage to apologize for their reprehensible behavior or to feel shame for their sins.
   If Mr. White were a man instead of a childish coward, he would face me openly in debate and not mock me behind my back. I have been offered the opportunity to respond in kind to White’s insulting cartoon. I have refused. Such a thing is beneath the dignity of a Catholic Apologist. If Mr. White had a shred of decency he would take down the offending cartoon and apologize publically and in private to me for his lapse in good taste.

Please note the constant insults, arrogance, and degradation that is part and parcel of Art Sippo’s every conversation regarding “prots.” Yet, without having even seen the depiction, he demands an apology, even after he demonstrates his own willingness to use insults in just about every sentence. This amazing, blatant double standard, then, appears in his tortured reading of Scripture as well, and the resultant wild leaps of eisegesis I have documented in his writings in the past. It also allows him to keep propping up the facade that I am the one refusing to debate him, when he has declined challenge after challenge after challenge. And so we offer yet another insight into the epistemological train-wreck created by true dedication to sola ecclesia.

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