The Envoy discussion board will not allow links to Alpha and Omega Ministries, yet they are fixated on this very blog. The following Envoy discussion threads from the last few weeks are specifically on James White or material posted on Some of these topics are posted to not move from the first page of the Envoy discussion board:
   “Ancient Baptists” and Other Myths (Started by Patrick Madrid)
   Madrid vs White Debate on Sola Scriptura (Started by Patrick Madrid)
   My Response to White (Started by Jonathan Prejean)
   Oral Traditions and Sola Scriptura (Started by Apolonio Latar)
   Response to James White & Bill Webster on Esdras (Started by Gary Michuta)
   James White and Me (Started by Shelia)
   The Latest Protestant Anti-Envoy Barrage (Started by AugustineH354)
   White attacks the development of the papacy (Started by AugustineH354)
   These threads all mention either James White or material from Bridging the “Faith Alone” Divide; Dr. Hans Boersma does it again!; Former Dominican priest who became LDS.
   Commenting on one of the threads, Catholic apologist Art Sippo stated, “He’s so vain, I bet he’ll think this thread is about him. But in reality it is about how the truth will out despite the best (worst?) efforts of the obfuscators to cloud the issue.” Contrarily, I think the Envoy crowd are fixated on Alpha and Omega Ministries because the materials and arguments put forth are effective, and they know it. This barrage of threads dedicated to Dr. White’s work all started when video clips of Dr. White’s cross examination debate sections were posted. I don’t think this is coincidence. These clear presentations of arguments interacting show the shallowness of Roman Catholic claims. If you want true obfuscation, simply go over to Envoy and read through any of these threads, then compare them to the video clip content posted on

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